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Cindy is a Senior Sourcing Advisor at Una, the nation's fastest growing group purchasing organization. As the conduit between members and suppliers, Cindy is the voice and advocate for Una's thousands of members. Her goal is to foster a true partnership, delivering unparalleled service and value beyond cost savings. Cindy's experience in product manufacturing and commodities management serves as the base of her holistic approach to procurement and supply chain solutions. In addition to her extensive procurement expertise, she holds a Master of Business Administration from Baker University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Emporia State University.

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Sustainable business
Apr 22, 2020    0

In 2020, you can bet your bottom dollar that consumers won’t be spending theirs on your products if you aren’t striving to operate sustainably.

For years, naysayers have argued that the consumers who say they want sustainable products aren’t actually willing to part with the extra cash to acquire them, opting for fast-fashion and plastic packaging over higher price points....