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Clare Hobby oversees purchaser engagement programs for TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, the global independent sustainability certification for IT products. TCO Certified is used by procuring organizations and the IT industry to drive environmental and supply chain responsibility in the IT ecosystem.

Clare is a board member of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council and SPLC’s Technical Advisory Group for IT Hardware, the Clean Electronics Production Network, UN Environment’s One Planet Network and the Canadian Public Procurement Council. She holds Masters degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Melbourne, Australia and Executive Education in Sustainability Leadership at Harvard.

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Sustainability and Notebook PCs
Jan 27, 2021    0

IT products come with many social and environmental challenges. Conflict minerals, supply chain working conditions, hazardous substances, e-waste as well as the  “take, make, use dispose” model of the linear economy demonstrate that the challenges and risks connected to our digital devices run wide and deep. Purchasers and users of technology are at the forefront of asking for better product options.

There are two important sourcing aspects to consider: getting your...

Sustainable Information Technology IT
Jul 24, 2020    0

With greater attention on sustainability and the direct need to meet climate goals, purchasers are looking for ways to change. One place to start is with the 170 million notebook computers produced and sold around the world every year. Rethinking an organization’s purchase and use of IT products like those notebooks can dramatically cut an organization’s carbon footprint – and save money - without affecting performance.

The current way of purchasing, using, and...