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Clare has been with Virtual Operations since 2016. She has a background in business and process transformation, primarily Lean Six Sigma consulting and has worked in a varied range of client industry sectors including FMCG, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Civil Engineering and Defence. During her time with Virtual Operations, she played a leading role in selecting automation-driven optimisation & transformation project opportunities, as well as defining strategic approaches. Clare has been responsible for leading the Virtual Operations automation programme in the global CSO function of one of thier largest clients since 2017, in which they have identified over 30% cost savings aligned to multiple benefit drivers. She is also actively involved in partner & vendor liaison and has ownership for several of Virtual Operations innovative product & service offerings.  

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Mar 29, 2019    0
Tell us about your career path. How did you get into this field? Was it purposeful or by accident? 
I have been part of the Virtual Operations team as Process Excellence Lead since 2016, prior to which my career had followed an admittedly unusual path from its beginnings in applied physics, via operational excellence consulting.    
During my early career, I began to seek a more commercially...