Clyde Dornier


Clyde Dornier is an Executive Leader and currently the Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer for Neustar, Inc. He oversees the company's Sourcing, Procurement, Real Estate and Facilities functions.

In his previous roles, he served as Chief Procurement Officer for the Freeman Company and Visa, Inc. Prior to joining Visa, Clyde spent fourteen years with The Hackett Group in various consulting and project/program leadership roles. He contributed significantly to the development of Hackett’s repository of sourcing and procurement intellectual property, including its world class best practices.

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Aug 15, 2016    0

Clyde Dornier is a familiar and hugely respected figure within the global sourcing and procurement community, having served as CPO for both Visa and the Freeman Companies. We got together with Clyde at April's SIG Summit in Orlando, Florida, to get his thoughts on the key trends driving change within procurement globally - and to ask him to design the perfect organisation...

Outsource: Clyde, let’s begin as usual with some background. Can you tell us a...