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Dan Hanyzewski is the Chief Ambassador at Ubertal Inc./Certree. Certree safeguards employee privacy and data through blockchain technology. Dan initially studied as a sculptor before making a career pivot toward the business world and then branching out to start his own consulting business in talent management and recruiting. Today, Dan is a globally recognized thought leader on recruitment, employer branding and contingent workforce management. 


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Nov 07, 2019    0

Dawn Tiura:      Hey folks, this is Dawn Tiura and welcome back to the podcast series. I'm so glad to welcome to the studio today, Dan Hanyzewski. And Dan, I have known you for a number of years, but your current title has me intrigued. And we'll have to get to that. But you are now Ambassador at Certree. So, before we get to where you are today, can you take our listeners through a little journey of who you are, what made you the way you are today,...