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Daniela Henriques is a Shared Service and Business Process Outsourcing Professional with over 16 years of experience. She developed her career leading projects and teams focused on the Transition and Transformation of the Finance process (Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and Record-to-Report), Human Resource Process (Payroll, EDM, Benefits, Relocation) and System Implementations (ERPs) for Latin America and North America.  Prior to joining Softtek, Daniela worked at General Electric, IBM and EDS (also known as HP Enterprise Services) where she successfully delivered results throughout projects using Lean and Project Management methodologies.  Daniela holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Project Management.  She is a Project Management Professional as well a Risk Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute.

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Mar 02, 2018    0

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools are being widely adopted across a wide range of enterprises and industries. By executing narrowly defined, repeatable tasks, RPA bots can drive dramatic productivity increases and significant cost reductions. For as little as $10,000 to $15,000 a year to deploy and maintain, a single bot can perform the routine, administrative tasks of five to ten people. 

RPA is being applied to a wide range of generic business processes related to Finance...