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Dave Food has spent over 30 years working with supply chain solutions with time at a range of solution providers, normally at the strategic end of the product use and design, always looking to tell a story and make a difference. Most recently working as a Postgraduate Lecturer and consultant on Supply Chain, Dave has vast expertise in Supply Chain leadership roles. For the previous decade, Dave has been providing advisory services to leadership roles ranging from innovative companies to market leaders, advising start-ups who are significant providers in areas such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and extended visibility solutions.

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Factors that businesses need to take into account when overhauling their own supply chain management processes.
Jul 27, 2022    0

The recent domino effect of disruptions, such as Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, has inevitably resulted in a huge strain on business’ supply chains. It’s a difficult landscape to navigate, but disruption is a fundamental part of the supply chain and organizations should be taking measures to mitigate these challenges.

Today, most supply chains have some element of protection built in to combat disruption, whether that be extra capacity, extra inventory,...