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Dr David Andrieux is Strategy & Market Intelligence Manager at Sopra Banking Software, the financial arm of European IT player Sopra Steria Group (http://www.soprasteria.com/en). Before joining Sopra Banking Software in October 2011, David enjoyed a successful academic career, with a book and 30 scientific papers to his name. He also has seven international academic prizes in Physics, whilst a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Fellow at Belgian scientific centre F.R.S–FNRS and then at Yale University in the US. David is an expert in strategy, innovation and market and competitive intelligence. He has authored a range of CIO resources since joining Sopra Banking Software, such as a recent white paper on the future of digital banking.

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Jan 08, 2016    0

The first ever meeting of Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts held in 1956 ended with a declaration from delegates that intelligent computers would be a commonplace in our lives in that decade or soon after. However, progress seemed to be illusory and the disappointment of Expert Systems at the start of the 1980s meant for many business leaders, AI came to mean ‘big hype’.

Recently, those 1956 hopes have been revived with the almost invisible rise of highly-functional...