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David Trachtenberg is Chief Marketing Officer of  ZeroChaos, a leading global workforce management company enabling clients in nearly 50 countries to achieve greater management, performance and financial control over their global workforce and talent supply chains.
Prior to ZeroChaos, David was Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced Discovery, a global e-Discovery and risk management firm, Chief Solutions Officer at vRad, the world's largest telemedicine company, and Chief Marketing Officer at Global Compliance, a leading ethics and compliance services firm.  David brings 20+ years of marketing leadership experience in public and private companies, including MCI Communications, StarBand, Prodigy Internet, and Bain & Company. David has a BA in International Relations from the Tufts University, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School.  David is also on the Board of Governors at the Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania.

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