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While her entire career has revolved around the broader apparel supply chain, Debbie Shakespeare has been driving meaningful and impactful results within the Apparel Solutions division of Avery Dennison for the past decade. As the Senior Director overseeing Sustainability, Compliance and Core Product Line Management, Debbie ensures Avery Dennison is on track to deliver on its 2030 goals and holds suppliers to appropriate environmental and social sustainability standards. She also serves as a sustainability spokesperson to organizations and companies. During her time with Avery Dennison, Debbie has established a Procurement organization within Hong Kong and China, built the Customer Supply Chain, and developed and deployed Avery Dennison’s FSC sourcing strategy. Most recently, she kickstarted the company’s Blockchain pilot. Before her current role, Debbie led the procurement and supply chain organization within Avery Dennison and played a critical role in developing and implementing supplier standards across the company’s complete global supply chain. Originally from the UK, Debbie currently resides in Boston, Mass. with her family of three.

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Apr 15, 2022    0

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