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Jane is the Co-Founder of ETCH Sourcing, a Canada based consultancy specializing in providing strategy and execution services in the sourcing, procurement and category management space. She loves people, solving problems, and has years of expertise working throughout the entire sourcing spectrum, from building and executing multi-million-dollar tactical strategies, to being entrusted with some of the most complex and strategic contractual negotiations involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Graduating from the Haskayne School of Business twice over with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and an MBA in Finance with a focus on Global Energy Management and Sustainability, she has returned to build and teach Business Contract Negotiations with her Co-Founder as a part of giving back and elevating her alma mater.
Jane is passionate about education is a member for multiple boards, most notable is her role as Board Director and Chief Operating Officer for Define the Future, a non-profit designed to connect children aged 8-13 with industry learning and development through play.
Jane’s latest passion is to champion the role of sustainability in procurement and is celebrating the launch of ETCH’s Sustainable Procurement offering, which integrates the UN SDGs as a measure of sustainability into the procurement process from an end-to-end perspective. 

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Tell us about your career path. How did you get into this field? Was it purposeful or by accident? 
Like many others in this profession, I stumbled into Sourcing while I was trying to drive value elsewhere. When I started my career, I certainly never imagined I’d be running a consultancy specializing in Sourcing, Procurement and Category Management while teaching a course on Contract Negotiations at the same University...