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Jay Lash is Principal Consultant at Compass Rose Advisory. With extensive experience and documented achievements in Workforce Solutions, Jay provides advisory services to companies looking to transform the way work gets done at their organisation. He began his career as a contract recruiter and executive search consultant. As he got more involved with large technical staffing requirement he pioneered the Managed Service program with Manpower at Honeywell in the 1990s. He has refined and expanded on this initial program concept and now can credit being involved in literally hundreds of enterprise staffing solutions. He has managed branch offices for staffing companies like TAC worldwide and was an early contributor to the Allegis Group by formalising the MSP and RPO offerings, developing new products and solutions for their customers. Recently with MBO Partners, he expanded his experience to include independent contractor compliance and “direct to talent” platform design. Today he an independent consultant providing advisory services to a number of staffing service providers, enterprise organisations and Human Capital Management technologies. Jay is a frequent contributor to Sourcing Industry Group where he serves as an Ambassador, leads their Workforce Sourcing Council and authors industry-related research reports.

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May 16, 2017    0

With all of the advances in Vendor Management Technology (VMS), some companies are evaluating the idea of managing their cadre of non-employees internally. Much of the value brought to bear by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is typically in the form of process efficiency and consistency. A mature contingent workforce program can bring those same benefits - so does it still make sense to have this third party manage it for you and charge a transaction fee to your staffing suppliers? That...