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Jeanette Nyden is the author of three books including Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships and Negotiation Rules! A Practical Guide to Big Deal Negotiations. Ms. Nyden works with executives to maximise key customer-supplier relationships by providing tactical, customised contract negotiation training and coaching from the planning phase through to execution.

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Feb 28, 2017    0

"There has got to be a better way!" That’s the common lament from all aspects of the healthcare industry from providers, payers, and patients alike when talking about the relationship between those three parties. It not unusual to hear complaints like, “misaligned financial incentives”, the “tyranny of the 15-minute visit”, or it’s an “unsustainable system”.


Aug 08, 2016    1

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Social Norms To Do Business By

Reciprocity obligates businesspeople to make fair and balanced exchanges. If one company accepts a business risk, the other must be prepared to do the same. If one company commits to invest time and money in an important project, the other must...

Aug 01, 2016    0

We often hear stories of business relationships that appeared strong suddenly turning sour. These relationships may even have existed for some time. So what is going on? It is likely acts of opportunism.

Here’s an example. A client of mine awarded a multimillion-dollar, multi-year deal to the lowest bidder. The bid was characterised as “too good to be true”; and, indeed it was too good to be true. Over 18 months, the supplier has run over budget, been late on...

Feb 26, 2016    0

You’ve all been told that to create value in your negotiations and get the “best” deal for your organization you need to expand the pie, not just haggle over the limited and fixed number of pie pieces. But no one has really demonstrated pie expansion – value – for commercial contracts – until now.

In this article, we will describe how the traditional Zone of Potential Agreement (ZOPA) takes on a greater significance when negotiating a multifaceted...