Kazuhiro Gomi


Kazuhiro (Kazu) Gomi is CEO of NTT America. He has led NTT America as CEO since 2010 when he ascended to the CEO role after being the COO for just over a year and the CTO for five years. Kazu also had positions as the director in charge of general planning at Cyber Space Laboratories in Yokosuka, Japan. Kazu has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and M.S. degree in BOTH Industrial and Electrical Engineering and resides in the Greater New York City area. 

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Dec 12, 2018    0

In this episode of the Sourcing Industry Landscape, Dawn Tiura interviews Kazu Gomi. Kazu Gomi, CEO of NTT America, ranks as the 4th largest telecommunication company in the world. We learn the breadth and depth of NTT’s capabilities, from system integration, (they acquired Dell Services a few years ago) and...