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Lee is the Managing Director and co-founder of AI-driven supplier discovery platform scoutbee. Prior to scoutbee, he spent over 12 years with Lidl in a variety of roles including as Director of Special Projects for Lidl US. With extensive B2C expertise, Lee has played a key role in scoutbee’s growth as the leading provider of procurement technology. Scoutbee is on track to save global companies $10B on supplier discovery by 2021.

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Global Supply Chain
Mar 25, 2020    0

As the world gets to grips with a world health and humanitarian emergency resulting from the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), the knock-on economic effects also take effect. In an increasingly global economy, we are starting to see how fragile some just-in-time supply chains have become.

Impacts of Disruption

Disruptions to industrial outputs can cause global supply chains to slow, as access to finished goods and components become constrained. As current supply agreements...