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Maggie Z. Miller is the co-author of Magnify Your Impact: Powering Profit with Purpose. She is also a co-founder of Magnify Impact, a company that helps business leaders create effective social impact strategies. Miller has developed social impact solutions with hundreds of company leaders globally. Previously, she founded an international nonprofit organization to provide microcredit loans for thousands of women in Peru. 

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Companies worldwide have reported talent shortages and many employers are working to build more flexibility into jobs.
Dec 27, 2021    0

At a time when global talent shortages are reported at a 15-year high, one key to keeping the best employees happy and on board may lie in how well companies not only state their purpose and their values, but also prioritize carrying them out.

“When purpose and values are backed by meaningful action, you have the extraordinary opportunity to sharpen your company’s legacy – and have a better chance of retaining employees who otherwise might seek opportunities...