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Manish Khandelwal is one of the IT Sourcing and Transformation leaders in PA Consulting Group. He has an extensive range of management expertise and practical experience of delivery, sales and consulting gained during 19 years of career spanning across three continents. He has led business units, managed global delivery, built and managed teams and delivered large sourcing and transformation programmes.

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Sep 28, 2017    0

Innovation in most sectors has its roots in technology. What is curious though is that the outsourcing industry that plays such a big part in transforming other sectors has somehow ignored the need for innovating its own business models.

There is clear evidence of headwinds and industry players need to innovate to stay relevant and play their part in the IT supply chain of the future in a fast changing market place. And the time for them to do so is running out fast.

There are...

Sep 13, 2016    0

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Manish Khandelwal, PA Consulting Group: Organisations of yesterday needed to ensure that they deliver the best product at the best possible price point. While customer experience mattered, organisations could get away with it. Digital has put the focus firmly back on the...