Marian Shepherd


Marian Shepherd is the Director of Operations & Client Services at VoiceNotes Ltd. The stops along her somewhat eclectic career path include 15 years working for several record labels and subsequently as editor and business/event manager within the music industry, teaching EFL in Cambridge, and, on returning to London, an extended period within the then fledgling “no request too bizarre” world of lifestyle management. Marian has been overseeing operational activity within VoiceNotes, providing copy editing, proofreading and transcription services to the business community for the past 11 years. 

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COVID-19 Outsourcing
Jan 16, 2021    0

Among the multitude of challenges the COVID pandemic has inflicted on businesses, the heightened requirement to straddle the precarious divide between prudency with operational budgets on one side and not throwing the return-on-investment baby out with the expenditure bathwater on the other represents a particularly painful headache. 

Recouping lockdown losses while re-establishing and building new business flows to even survive (let alone compete) in increasingly difficult...