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Mark Cook is CEO for Getronics Group, CMC and UK. He has worked within the IT industry for 25 years with an emphasis on strong client engagement and satisfaction in blue chip organisations that have required a step change in performance both in the private and public sectors. Mark has previously held roles as Chief Operating Officer at Steria, Commercial Business director at Xansa, Managing Director and Head of Consulting at Druid. An accountant by background, Mark has worked and lived in USA, Europe and Asia.

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Mar 07, 2017    0

There always seems to be plenty of commentary around what’s driving innovation and growth in both large enterprises and startups. By comparison, the mid-market seems slightly neglected; this seems an oversight given the crucial role it plays in the UK economy. Although this market segment represents just 1% of UK firms, medium-sized businesses are increasing revenues by an average of 6.7% each year and the mid-market is expected to boost the economy by 18% over the next five years....