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Mark Havens is the Principal for Cast Iron Outcomes. Mark has 25 years in enterprise IT and hardware infrastructure best practices. He is part of the team that formed Cast Iron Outcomes to assist enterprise IT decision makers, IT procurement and infrastructure professionals obtain the highest value as pertains to data center hardware infrastructure. More specifically, he is a thought leaders in cost reduction, proactive vendor management and risk reduction strategies. He and Cast Iron Outcomes have created more than 20 consultative services specifically designed to deliver value and measurable outcomes. Mark's 25 years in solutions architecture and the resulting interaction with fortune 500 clients enables him to provide an insider's perspective from the vendor's point of view. We provide clarity by leading conversations that may not otherwise occur - all to the benefit of our clients. 

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What (Else) IT Procurement Professionals Must Know about Data Center Hardware Maintenance RFPs: Part Two
Aug 17, 2019    0
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In the first installment of this two-part article, we underscored the importance of collaboration between procurement and IT operations when considering the nature, tolerance for and mitigation of risk. There was also a strong statement about...
Jul 16, 2019    0
“We all want this to be a success,” is a pretty common sentiment at the outset of a major RFP. When considering hardware for data center maintenance services, in many cases, the outcome can mean significant cost containment for the IT group and accolades all around for a job very well done. And let’s face it, it is not only a fiduciary duty to avoid over-paying a vendor (even the original equipment manufacturer) it can be flat-out galling to think that your...