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Mark has spent his entire career in the Recruitment & Executive Search field, all the while focused on Procurement. With a network of professional relationships built over nearly two decades, and a deep understanding of the Procurement function, he has earned the reputation as one of the nation’s go-to Recruitment experts within this niche market. 

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Meta-skills are crucial within procurement.
Jun 04, 2021    0

What Is a Meta-Skill?

It’s long been acknowledged that both hard and soft skills are needed in most jobs. They are no less crucial within procurement.

While hard skills include the teachable, quantifiable abilities you need to do the job and will be reflected in your qualifications, soft skills are, of course, slightly more difficult to measure. These can include teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving abilities.

Then we come to the meta...

A diverse workforce built on literal generations of knowledge and experience can be a significant benefit to companies.
Oct 01, 2020    0

It would be far too simple to craft an “us versus them” story when it comes to different generations in the workforce today. For example, one could say older workers, like Baby Boomers, are outdated, and Generation Z, today’s youthful college graduates, are the tech-savvy heroes. Or perhaps the Boomers are experienced and hardworking while Gen Z are tech addicted and anti-social.

The truth is, in most companies, you’ll easily find four to five different...