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Mark Kerzner is the CEO and founder of Scaia AI, and co-founder of Elephant Scale. Mark did his first work in AI in 1983: “Formation Dip Determination – An Artificial Intelligence Approach.” Based on the optimization ideas similar to those used today, that work brought him the highest “gold medal” award from Dresser Industries. That work led to a monograph, “Image Processing in Well Log Analysis” and two patents. Later, Mark created a software package that implemented this technology, which was licensed to many companies and eventually sold to a leading geology exploration software company. In 2012, Mark co-founded Elephant Scale, a company for teaching Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. The company taught tens of thousands of students at dozens of leading companies. With the advent of the new NLP technologies, Mark saw the need to productize them for use in the enterprise. Also the author of the leading open-source software package for eDiscovery, Mark combined his effort with the NLP, and Scaia AI, Inc. was born.

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History repeats itself. Could we use the lessons from the first time around? At the height of ransomware attacks, people responsible for oil rigs and ships in the sea find themselves to be the next potential target. Let me explain.

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