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Mark Trowbridge has worked in the procurement field for 30+ years, with corporate roles in manufacturing, transportation and financial services (final role leading sourcing & contracts management for Bank of America). An original co-founder of Strategic Procurement Solutions LLC, Mark has been privileged to advise & train Fortune 1000 procurement groups and governmental agencies around the world.

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Learn 10 key reasons to use purchase orders, when other acquisition methods may also apply and get helpful tips for when the CFO asks "why."
Jul 11, 2022    0

The CPO for a financial services company recently asked me for reasons to use purchase orders. Their procurement group was receiving pushback from the firm's Finance division, which was happy to issue payments merely based on internal management just "approving" supplier invoices (grrr).

In my email to this executive, I put together a list of Top 10 Reasons to Use Purchase Orders which I’ll explain in this article.

Top 10 Reasons to Use...