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Michael Otis is CEO and Co-Founder of Proficy, a simple and user-friendly procurement platform that leverages predictive pricing and supplier relationship management for more efficient sourcing. After beginning his career in Strategy Consulting with KPMG and Corporate Development with eBay, Michael transitioned to the sourcing world. Before Proficy, he built the procurement organizations at technology startups Rubicon Global and Stord, where he modernized the approaches to sourcing in Waste and Logistics. Now Michael and the Proficy team are providing other companies with the necessary tools to upend procurement in their respective industries.

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The Rise Of Procurement Software
Jan 07, 2020    0

Procurement is old. Just how old you ask? Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… it’s been around for millennia. As a natural function of trade and commerce, it developed organically during the earliest civilizations. Papyrus records indicate procurement can be traced as far back as the Egyptians (the first Jedi) in 3000 B.C.

While procurement teams and more refined approaches to sourcing gradually developed over the centuries, the current...