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Navin Anand is an IT business professional of three decades, constantly inspired by the quest to solve business problems and improve outcomes with the pragmatic use of technology.  After 25 years with technology and services providers like IBM, Wipro and Datamatics, having championed several high-impact transformations, leading services businesses, working through complex structures and cross-border collaborations, Navin is an analytical thinker, naturally curious, always keen to challenge the prevailing paradigm. Having built relationships of trust with many enterprises across several countries and sectors, he is now a consulting partner at UK-based ImprovIT Consulting. 

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May 06, 2016    0

Business leaders and technology executives are deluged by the rhetoric about disruptive digital technologies coming of age, companies and whole industries going digital.

Maturing and new technology tools, combined with rapidly changing technology usage patterns of businesses and consumers, are forcing a rethink, even a re-imagination of what companies can do. Obviously there are leaders and there are followers, with every success story probably preceded by unsung failures.