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Ollie O’Donoghue is Research Director, IT Services at HfS Research. With over five years experience in the IT services industry – as both a practitioner and a research analyst – Ollie understands the impact IT services have in the modern business environment.

Before joining HfS, Ollie was the Head of Research and an Industry Analyst for an ITSM Practice committed to providing IT Service and Support Organisations with the resources to deliver greater business value. There he developed a comprehensive research portfolio for the industry. He has researched and presented on a multitude of topics including automation, innovative support models, and real-time analytics. In 2017, Ollie was named second on a list of IT and ITSM experts to watch.

Before becoming an analyst, Ollie worked as an IT service professional in a large public sector organization. It was here that Ollie’s passion for the industry developed.

He graduated from the University of Kent with a Bachelor’s in History. He is also a certified Service Desk Manager with higher mastery. Among his eclectic collection of professional certifications, he has four advanced diplomas in ornamental aquatic fish care. He claims these landed him his first IT job as a member of the interview panel was an avid fishkeeper.

In his spare time, Ollie reads up on History, Geography, and Economics and spends an unfortunate amount of time playing strategy games on his computer. Ollie is partial to wheat beer and, in the right circumstances, Irish whiskey.

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