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Ossama Hanna holds the responsibility of Centro’s growth and healthy development while making sure Centro delivers its promised value to clients. Hanna has held key roles in a few BPO organisations for the past 15 years and in different business cultural environments, advocating the benefits of outsourcing business process management. Hanna started his early career in sales and marketing for Xerox then Polaroid, handling the introduction of its Studio Express product to the MEA market. Hanna regularly contributes to industry events through dedicated speaking slots. Hanna holds an MBA degree from the University of Texas, with a concentration in Strategic Marketing. He is fond of aviation and hi-tech drones.

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May 02, 2017    0

The notion of healthcare quality being measured only based on the level of medical care given to patients is on its way to a complete disappearance. From our position in the healthcare contact centre space, we have been witnessing more and more organisations focusing on the patient experience to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. This evolution toward value-based service benefits the patient, the healthcare provider and the payer. Value-based models encourage healthcare providers to...