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Pablo Sánchez currently serves as Global Chief Marketing Officer and ESG Director, Atento. Previously CEO at start-up myTaxi, owned by the Daimler Group, Mr. Sánchez has also served in various positions for telecommunications giant, Huawei, including as Director of Innovation & Business Development. Over the past decade, Mr. Sánchez has specialized in assignments relating to the management and implementation of digital transformations of processes and people in multiple sectors. Mr. Sánchez holds an Executive MBA from the IE Business School and has completed the Program for Senior Management in Digital Business (PADDB) from The Valley Business School, in Madrid.

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Companies need to show their cards when it comes to ESG.
Jan 13, 2022    0

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). It’s not a new term: its origin dates back several decades, but it has gained increasing importance in recent years.

This might have something to do with the fact it’s been proven that companies with a good ESG plan are more sustainable, deliver better service and reduce investment risk. And of course, instilling an ESG plan is not only a commitment to the environment and employees. It also covers customers, suppliers,...