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Paul McArdle, VP of Strategic Sourcing and Operations/Americas for Hilton Supply Management, leads Category Management, Strategic Sourcing, Business Development, Account Management and Field Operations. He is responsible for growing business, managing suppliers, driving savings, identifying opportunities and reducing supplier risk.  
Paul has held numerous executive positions in the hospitality, retail and service sectors, and has built high-performing teams around the world. He has developed complex supply chain strategies, negotiated contracts, and overcome resistance to change by producing transformative results.

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Sourcing Star Interview: Paul McArdle
Sep 26, 2019    0

How did you get into this field – was it purposeful or by accident?

A bit of both really. I started my career in the UK in health service, managing stock control. The chief executive I was working for at the time suggested that I look towards buying and as a development from stock control. I guess you could say this is when I found my home. I studied for my qualifications and soon after moved to fashion retail and after a great experience in a fast-...