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Rainer Machek is Executive Vice President at SynerTrade, a Germany-based global provider of digital procurement solutions. We caught up with Rainer at a recent Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) Global Summit to find out a bit more about his organisation and the role it plays in the market, and to get his take on some of the key trends driving the evolution of the sourcing and procurement space - and why different parts of the world are seeing organisations take very different approaches to solving some of the challenges facing that space today...

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May 18, 2017    0

Outsource: Hi Rainer: great to have you here today. As usual, let's begin with some background on you personally: tell us about yourself and your role within the organisation.

Rainer Machek: In 2001 I joined SynerTrade as a sales director; in 2003 I was nominated as a board director. Besides that, we all have customer relationships, so I am a key account director for customers like AGCO, Fresenius and Hugo Boss. For us it's always essential that we keep an ear to the...