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Richard Ettl, the CEO of SkyCell, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management from the University of Fribourg and attended the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Prior to founding SkyCell, Richard worked for Bobst SA in the company's production and logistics team. SkyCell is based on a strong set of values –  innovation, reliability and sustainability –  and has become the third largest pharma container provider within seven years. Richard helped establish the Institute for Value-Based Entrepreneurship (IVE) in Switzerland, which to date has offered business plan creation courses to more than 2500 students.

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As the world invests billions to produce a Covid-19 vaccine, it is innovative hybrid technology that will ultimately ensure its effectiveness in this fight against the virus
Sep 23, 2020    0

Recent headlines are dominated by the news that the University of Oxford research team is seeing promising results from early trials of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. Now we must turn our attention to the vital technology that ensures that doses of any viable vaccine reach locations in a state without the need for retesting.

Vaccines present a real logistical challenge, primarily because of their high sensitivity...