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Sören Enholm is the CEO of TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. IT buyers and manufacturers worldwide use TCO Certified to make more sustainable choices. The comprehensive criteria are designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product lifecycle. Sören has a lengthy background in the IT industry, having held positions at Sun Microsystems, Apple and Netscape. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden, and is a passionate advocate for IT’s role in a more sustainable world.

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Impacting the Environment and Human Health Globally with IT Products
Apr 22, 2021    0

IT products are essential in most organizations, but they come with a complex supply chain that includes both social and environmental risks. If done right, purchasers can directly impact the environment and human health by procuring more sustainable IT products, and become the driving force for socially responsible manufacturing, safer alternatives to hazardous substances and circular procurement.

The Supply Chain for IT Products is Complex

Just like many other products, IT...