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Sameer is the Vice President of Business Strategy at Workspend, a leading managed service provider (MSP). He is a contingent workforce management expert, with over twelve years of experience in designing, implementing and managing multiple MSP programs. Sameer has also worked as a consultant in the same area and has helped assess and redesign MSP Programs for large enterprise-level clients.
Sameer has lived and worked in the US, UK, and India. Prior to beginning his journey in the contingent workforce industry, Sameer was a founding member of an internet-publishing start-up, and worked as an IT outsourcing and change management consulting in both the US and UK. He graduated with an MBA from Cranfield Business School in 2005 and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  

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Today’s talent landscape is becoming more driven by contingent workers; in some organizations, the number of contingent workers already outpaces full-time employees. It’s no surprise then that the pressure on talent suppliers to deliver is high. If staffing suppliers cannot facilitate successful placements at scale, then the revolving door of talent will continue to swing causing companies to waste time, money and resource on endless staffing. An immediate opportunity...
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A traditional managed service provider (MSP) solution’s plan begins with analyzing the prevailing business constraints in a talent supply chain and then addresses the standard set of program issues using a well-worn solutions playbook. However, this leads to a tactical “one shoe fits all” approach to service delivery, generally resulting in only marginal improvements in a client’s contingent workforce program and is usually limited to operational (i.e., tactical)...