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Stephanie Leduc is a sourcing expert with more than 20 years in experience in contract negotiation, outsourcing, business development, vendor management, governance and category & spend management. In 2018, Stephanie joined IGM Financial Inc. as AVP Corporate Services & Strategic Sourcing, with the primary responsibility to build a strategic sourcing team from the ground. She leads the sourcing and procurement change management activities by implementing a procurement strategy and Roadmap in a global transformation environment. 
Stephanie started her career as a Lawyer at National Bank of Canada Corporate Legal division. Her next challenge was as Legal Counsel for National Bank Financial, Wealth Management division. After almost 9 years in the Legal division, National Bank Leaders offered to Stephanie to be part of the Procurement team and be a partner in the implementation of a strategic sourcing platform. She was involved in several strategic projects such as Ariba, Managed Services Provider (MSP) program for contractors, implementation of the category management and negotiation of multi-million strategic deals.   

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Women in Global Sourcing: Stephanie Leduc
Jul 25, 2019    0

Tell us about your career path. How did you get into this field? Was it purposeful or by accident?   

I started my career as a lawyer on a corporate legal team for the Bank of Montreal. I worked with different teams and corporate business lines, one of which was the sourcing team. It was my first experience with sourcing and seeing how business decisions interacted with contract requirements. After a few years, I realized that I was so passionate...