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Tony Harris is the Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing and Solutions for SAP Business Network
With over 25 years of experience across both Finance and IT, Tony has spent the last 15 years focused on the Procurement solutions sector and is currently Head of Market Strategy for SAP Business Network.
In this role, he leads solution management and marketing teams that form a bridge between SAP solutions and its customers. The team captures market trends, customer challenges, and insights from the field teams to create an outside-in view of the market that helps to drive innovation within SAP Business Network.

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Business Networks 2023: The Year of the Supplier
Mar 08, 2023    0
When business networks came on the scene more than two decades ago, sellers were skeptical for many reasons. Would they be squeezed by buyers for lower margins? Would overhead increase from new processes or technology? Concerned they would lose business, many joined these networks and played the game in a purely defensive way, blocking and tackling with online RFPs, catalogs, orders, and invoices.
But the game has changed. Today’s savvy sellers see...