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Tracey Berg is the president of Cerity, a workers’ compensation insurance provider founded with a bold vision to reimagine small business insurance. With its digital-first approach, Cerity is transforming the entire process to empower business owners to quickly and easily protect their team, assets and livelihood through an online workers’ compensation solution. Follow Tracey on Twitter at Tracey_L_B. For information about Cerity, go to:


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Commercial policies protect business owners and employees from potential financial losses such as lawsuits, customer incidents, on-the-job employee injuries, damage, theft and more.
Dec 15, 2020    0

As a business owner, you know that countless factors go into running your business. Regardless of your business’ industry or size, one consideration you must prioritize is commercial insurance.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Most of us are familiar with personal insurance policies. Whether it’s renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance or car insurance, we have experienced the benefits and peace of mind provided by personal insurance policies....