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William Buist is a business strategist, speaker, and founder of the exclusive xTEN Club – an annual programme of strategic activities for small, exclusive groups of business owners. xTEN helps accelerate growth,  harness opportunity, build businesses and develop ideas. William is also author of two books: At Your Fingertipsand The Little Book of Mentoring. See http://Williambuist.com for more information.

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May 12, 2016    1

“Eat or be eaten” – for centuries, this “law of the jungle” was the law of the business world, too. Beating the competition delivered power, money and influence. From the Square Mile to Wall Street, survival of the fittest meant there was only room for one victor at the top. The digital revolution changed this. Measuring success in today’s business world is no longer by the job or task performed for money. We value successful leaders for their...