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Yadu Singh is an experienced BPO/IT transformation professional at ISG with over 20 years of consulting and management experience. He has a broad range of skills covering strategy, post-merger integration and IT sourcing advisory, including particular expertise in Applications Development and Maintenance outsourcing, Remote Infrastructure Management and ERP/systems integration projects. Yadu’s deep knowledge of implementing remote service-delivery models (near-shore, off-shore and on-shore) and designing contractually-enforceable controls for the client organisations has assisted global clients across all industry sectors. He is an ITIL practitioner and has an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

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Mar 10, 2016    0

I often get asked whether managed service is just hype and nothing but glorified “time and material” (T&M) in a different guise. Usually we understand a managed service to be measured, and paid for, based on a pre-defined effort and output for the work in hand, as opposed to T&M which is a simple calculation of the amount of time taken multiplied by the rate card value, plus the cost of any materials consumed. The simple answer is that it is hype if it is not done...