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Yoni Epstein has over 17 years experience managing contact center services. He knew the nearshore industry was ripe for change when he took a leap of faith and launched itelbpo in 2012. itelbpo started in Jamaica with 7 employees, and in just 7 short years, the company has become the region’s largest homegrown BPO with operations across 4 countries and 1,700+ employees. He believes in the tenet that “happy employees equal happy customers,” and he
Has created a corporate culture and work spaces designed to achieve this aim. By disrupting the status quo, Yoni is on a mission to help modernize the BPO industry, while also ensuring itelbpo is an employer of choice.

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Nov 07, 2018    0
When it comes to the BPO industry, most people are familiar with locations like India, Malaysia and the Philippines—countries with long histories of IT and customer care outsourcing. But with the heightened attention that brands pay to their customer experience delivery, this trend is shifting. A number of nearshore BPO destinations are worth watching, but Jamaica and the Bahamas stand out.
Both have emerging BPO sectors that are set to grow...