Candace Eaton Gaul


Candice Eaton Gaul is Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader at RSM International. Candice has over 15 years of in-house and client facing experience in human resources, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, organizational culture and employer branding. Candice is passionate about all aspects of employee satisfaction, and the significance of employee engagement for business success and client service.

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Learn about the importance of boardroom diversity, and how this can be proactively achieved to drive equality.
Jun 15, 2022    0

Social justice movements have been powerful catalysts for change in recent years. As these movements have gained in momentum, they have not only raised awareness of inequality and discrimination, but also set an expectation for change and transparency with the right to question injustice and seek remedy. As a result, diversity in governance and leadership is taking center stage in corporate mission statements and employee value propositions.

Despite good intention, transformation is...