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Dawn Tiura is the President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the world’s largest association representing Global 1000 companies, with a combined spend of $17 trillion USD in sourcing and outsourcing. SIG’s goal is to elevate the strategic impact of these organizations on their company’s top and bottom lines. Dawn is also the President of SIG University, an online and in-person training and education organization that offers certifications in Sourcing, Governance and Risk, competency assessments and Vested Sourcing techniques. 

Dawn has over 25 years leadership experience, with the past 15 years focused on the sourcing and outsourcing industry. Prior to joining SIG, Dawn held leadership positions as founder and CEO of Denali Group and before that as a partner in a CPA firm, focused on early Silicon Valley enterprises and high wealth individuals. Dawn is the proud mother of four and actively involved on a number of boards promoting civic, health and children’s issues in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Dawn is a licensed CPA and has a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MS in International Taxation from Golden Gate University.

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Sep 17, 2018    0
Dawn Tiura: Hello folks, this is Dawn Tiura from Sourcing Industry Group, and I want to welcome you back. Today, we have the pleasure of talking to the VSP Global sourcing team finalists, and their project is called ‘Spend It Like It's Yours Project’. And Greg Tennyson is the lead over at VSP, so Greg, can I have you introduce your team?
Greg Tennyson: Sure, Greg Tennyson. With me today, I've got Nathan Haydn-Myer. Nathan heads up our...