Gareth Pritchard


Gareth Pritchard is the CEO of BPESA Western Cape. He has been involved in the BPO industry since 1998 working in Europe, India and South Africa. As Managing Director of Lufthansa Process Management GmbH the company was responsible for the transfer of travel-related processes offshore to South Africa in 1998, the first BPO investment into the country. The company was subsequently bought in 2007 by Teleperformance, the world’s largest contact centres outsourcer. Pritchard was the Managing Director. In 2008 he became involved with BPESA, the industry body for the BPO sector in South Africa, taking up a position on the board. In 2010 he took on the role of BPESA Western Cape CEO and in 2012 took on the joint role of interim national CEO, a role he held until March 2015. He is primarily responsible for engaging with the international community to explain the South African value proposition and ensuring that potential investors have the right information to make informed decisions. Over 10,000 jobs have been created since 2010.

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Dec 03, 2016    0

Recently I attended the Brexit & Global Expansion Summit in London, an event that brought together politicians, businesses and investors for discussions on the investment implications of Britain’s tectonic decision to leave the EU.

One of the sectors we discussed in depth was offshoring and outsourcing. No one has a crystal ball, but what is clear is that Brexit has challenged so many fundamental economic assumptions about the value proposition for a British business...