Howard Spode


Howard Spode is an expert practitioner in BPO and its related transformational strategies such as shared services, process re-engineering and technology implementation. He has worked in these areas since the mid-90's when the industry began. He is hands-on familiar with every stage of the life-cycle; as client, supplier and adviser, and in multiple geographies, sectors and functional areas. Prior to BPO, Howard built a successful track record in applied occupational psychology (eg management training, organisation development, change management). He retains these skills to the extent that he has been able to personally run the OCM (“Organisation and Change Management” ) workstreams of a number of his recent BPO projects in addition to being the overall programme lead. Howard is currently working in South America. Before this he spent four years with a Swiss-based agrochemicals multi-national managing the implementation of a company-wide HR Transformation/HR Outsourcing programme. This saw him lead successful go-lives in 30 countries around the world.

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Feb 19, 2016    0

In this article I examine the question of whether an in-house or outsourced approach is best when transforming business support services such as HR, procurement, customer care, etc. So for example an organisation might ask itself: “Should we establish a robotic process automation (RPA) regime in our accounting operation or should we get a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider to run our accounting for us, which would include the deployment of its RPA regime?”

I am...