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Eric Harkins is the president and founder of GKG Search & Consulting, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm that helps organizations acquire and retain top performers. He is the ForbesBooks author of Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck: How To Get, Keep & Grow Talent. During his 25-year career in corporate America, Harkins has held leadership positions ranging from manager to chief talent officer and chief administrative officer. He is a motivational speaker, executive coach, and an expert in helping companies create a culture that high performers want to be a part of.

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High compensation isn't enough to counter bad leadership and a poor work culture says Eric Harkins, President and Founder of GKG Search & Consulting. He offers five things leaders can do to keep their best employees from walking.
Mar 28, 2022    0

For months and months, we’ve heard and read ad nauseam about “The Great Resignation.” We’ve been given numerous reasons why record numbers of people are leaving their jobs.

But let’s be real about the main root cause. We are experiencing a great exodus of employees nationwide largely due to bad leadership.

One recent study found that toxic work culture was the primary factor pushing workers out the door. Leaders are most responsible for the kind...

Boomerang employees can be a powerful force for your company if they come back for the right reasons.
Dec 22, 2021    0

After months of the “Great Resignation,” another workforce trend is developing –...