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Frederic Chemaly is the Managing Partner of Chemaly & Company, a corporate advisory services firm; and the Corporate Secretary of Malia Group, a regional holding present in various industries: consumer goods distribution; technology and management solutions; fashion and luxury; engineering and contracting; and hospitality and real estate. He speaks and writes about law, governance, risk and compliance. Frederic worked previously as Senior Counsel for a major regional bank. Prior to that, he worked in Abu Dhabi for an international oil and gas engineering company, handling legal and human resources matters for its site-based employees. Frederic is a graduate in Law from the Saint Joseph University – Beirut; he holds a Master’s Degree in Public International Law from Paris and a certificate in Corporate Finance from the University of Sussex, UK.

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Sep 20, 2016    0

A couple of years back, I approached a number of legal process outsourcing (LPO) firms - all of the largest and most reputable American and British ones. Many replied; only one expressed interest and took it further. I made a proposal to establish a centre in Beirut, Lebanon, and was hoping it would go further - but it didn’t.

But what if it had? What would have happened?

I had the idea that India was the leader in this area, with highly skilled, cost...