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Heather is Sustainability Technical Director for LRQA, a leading global provider of digitally enabled assurance services. In her current role, she helps clients understand and meet their ESG reporting requirements. She started at LRQA as a verifier and has audited innumerable industries’ data management practices. Her 16+ years of experience in the environmental field have taken her to landfills, power plants, cruise ships, upstream and downstream oil and gas operations, chemical plants, hospitality, agricultural operations, and various manufacturing facilities. She holds a BSc degree in civil engineering from Purdue University.

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Building trust in ESG practices is complicated by the lack of transparency and consistency in reporting practices, the pace of change in reporting requirements, and huge regional and corporate variations.
May 11, 2022    0

Customers, employees and investors are increasingly putting ESG front and center when making decisions about the companies they engage with. Rising shareholder and consumer activism, as well as new forms of regulation, mean that it is no longer enough to simply state good intentions. The challenge is to prove to stakeholders that policies and initiatives are translating into meaningful action and...