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Jim Wetekamp is the CEO of Riskonnect, the leading provider of integrated risk management software.  Jim is a recognized expert on enterprise risk, supply chain, and procurement. He has more than 20 years of product and leadership experience, most recently serving as CEO of BravoSolution, a Chicago-based cloud procurement solutions company. He joined BravoSolution in 2008 following its acquisition of VerticalNet, his former employer. As that company’s CEO, Jim successfully navigated its sale to an Accel-KKR portfolio company, following years of rapid growth.

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May 28, 2020    0

A new survey by Gartner shows only 12% of organizations felt prepared for the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in March. And while 26% of those surveyed believe the coronavirus will have little or no impact on their business, just 2% of companies believe they can continue business as usual.

The macroeconomic numbers are just as sobering. Manufacturing...