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Jim Wetekamp is the CEO of Riskonnect, a leading provider of integrated risk management software. He is a recognized expert on enterprise risk, supply chain and third-party risk management. 

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The New Age CPO: Jim Wetekamp
Apr 07, 2023    0
1.     As the CEO of Riskonnect, can you speak to your company’s broader ESG and risk management efforts and any outcomes you’ve seen from these initiatives?
As a software company, our supply chain is fairly small. We regularly look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities, computer hardware, and cloud infrastructure hosting services. We encourage employees to minimize travel and...
In order to improve ESG performance, organizations must be more open about reporting ESG risks.
Jun 29, 2022    0

The pressure is on to strengthen environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. ESG factors influence a multitude of critical decisions – from where people invest to where they work. Indeed, 42% of consumers say they will only buy from...

With no foreseeable end date to supply chain disruptions, now is the time for organizations to examine the likelihood of interruptions and aim to get ahead of the problem before it takes hold.
May 30, 2022    0

Most businesses didn’t anticipate having to handle the supply-chain impacts of several disruptive forces at once: an ongoing pandemic, a severe crunch for talent and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Pandemic-driven shortages are still in full swing. New COVID outbreaks in China are slowing the flow of goods into the U.S. The...

May 28, 2020    0

A new survey by Gartner shows only 12% of organizations felt prepared for the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in March. And while 26% of those surveyed believe the coronavirus will have little or no impact on their business, just 2% of companies believe they can continue business as usual.

The macroeconomic numbers are just as sobering. Manufacturing...