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Leigh Merz is a Senior Consultant for Source One, a Corcentric company specializing in wireless/mobility management and optimization. Leigh bridges the knowledge gap between IT and the supply base to identify best-in-class partners and tailored strategic sourcing solutions. As a trusted resource, Leigh frequently collaborates with all verticals in an organization, from the C-Suite to the day-to-day stakeholders. Beyond her expertise in telecom, Leigh is Source One’s go-to resource for small parcel sourcing engagements.  She also frequently publishes thought leadership on topics including small parcel, telecom and office supplies sourcing.

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Jan 03, 2019    0
As we move through the holiday season, competition of all sorts is becoming prevalent. Big department stores and smaller retail chains all have their special deals in place and offer a variety of products and solutions to meet spikes in customer demand while racking in the big dollars. They promote discounts and incentives on brand-name products while other shops offer a more generic...