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Pat Geary is the CMO of Blue Prism. He has over 20 years of international marketing experience across a range of large multinational and start up software and hardware businesses. Most recently Pat has worked as CMO at Skinkers, a UK-based enterprise software company; and CMO for Livestation - the world's first global news platform on the internet. Pat's previous experience included international corporate marketing roles at Searchspace, Sequent Computer Corp and DEC. He holds an honours degree in Computer Science.

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Aug 11, 2016    0

From the invention of the wheel and steam engine to fax machines and desktop computers, technology has always shaped the way we work - but in the last few decades, the pace of innovation has sped up exponentially, forcing employees and those who lead them to constantly blaze new ground and determine new paradigms for the way things are done. The biggest recent change in work and workplace culture is the introduction of robots.

This change has caused a lot of panic and unsettlement...